About Us



Our mission is to be Hong Kong’s premier supplier and to produce good food the right way with respect for our customers.
With our culture of responsibility, operational excellence and innovation, we will be a trusted food company.
We pride ourselves fulfilling our key values:
– Providing a range of unique premium products to our customers
– Provide affordable honest pricing for to our customers

Quality Assurance

Food hygiene and safety are the most important part of us. The food processing factory has obtained ISO 22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, GMP and EST101 international food safety management system certification in the first year of establishment.
The local pig farms are strictly regulated. For example, the pig house must be in accordance with the standards of the “Thai Pig Breeding Association” to raise pigs in a sterile, closed and sufficient space. During the breeding period, in addition to formulating the feed according to the nutrition of the pigs, the local area also prohibits the use of accelerator, so the pork has a natural pink, and the local export hygiene certificate ensures health, No additives, sterile and hormone-free.